What should I focus on before telling others about it?

Here is a list of things you can focus on when you want to tell others about your problems. Skilled professionals will then be able to help you to get a handle on how to deal with your thoughts and worries.

Things to focus on

  • Let the person understand that it’s difficult for you to talk about.
  • You don’t have to go into detail about your sexual fantasies—instead, just talk about your general thoughts. For example, “I have some sexual thoughts I’m worried about. The people in my fantasies are much younger than me.”
  • You can talk about the age group that your thoughts are focused on - like if they are girls in the 6‒10 age group.
  • Mention how long this has been going on. You can tell when you first noticed your thoughts and feelings if you have a sense of it.
  • Explain how you feel about these thoughts. Talk about the feelings you associate with having these thoughts, like if they make you feel confused, ashamed, or upset.
  • You can get describe the situations that you are particularly nervous about. Perhaps you could share some of the situations you fear the most where you could be a danger to yourself or others—whether at school, work, or online.
  • Explain how you feel in general. Be sure to tell the person if you experience other things related to your thoughts. Maybe you worry a lot, you’re having trouble sleeping, or you feel lonely?