Where can I get treatment in Denmark?

Treatment centers in Denmark offer free examination, advice and treatment to people over age 18 with sexual thoughts about children.

Treatment can help change your thoughts and behavior. It takes time but can lead to a dramatic change.

Sexology Clinic (Sexologisk klinik) is the place most people have heard about. While it is only in Copenhagen, almost the same offer is available throughout the country under slightly different names. In Aarhus, this help can be found at the Forensic Psychiatry Clinic, in Middelfart it is called the Psychiatric Department, and in Odense it is called Team for Sexology. All of these places are part of the Danish Treatment Network for sex offenders. However, all of the treatment centers also offer treatment to people who are not criminals. They also accept patients who want help to deal with their sexual attraction to children.


All of these places offer free examination, counseling, and treatment to people over age 18 with sexual thoughts about children. Those who work there have been working with difficult thoughts for many years, and they will not be scared by what you tell them. Although they also help people who have committed crimes, these places also specialize in helping people who only have thoughts that make them worried.


Before you can start a course of treatment at one of the locations, you must have a referral from your doctor. Opening up to your doctor can be difficult. If you’re nervous about it, you can get more information about what happens when you talk to your doctor about sexual fantasies about children via the link below.

You can also start by calling Break The Circle (Brydcirklen) anonymously to get advice from them on how to tell your doctor. They have helped many people with this exact problem in the past.