What are 'sexual thoughts about children'?

You might be unsure about whether your thoughts about children are sexual or if something else is at stake.

What do we mean by 'sexual thoughts?'

Thoughts go through our heads, and they are not dangerous in themselves. We know that it can be difficult to control our thoughts on our own. Sexual thoughts are typically thoughts that 'turn you on' and can arouse you sexually.

What do we mean by 'children?'

When we talk about sexual thoughts about children, we are thinking about children aged 0-14; that is, persons under the age of sexual consent. You may be in this age group yourself - so how should you relate to it?

It is entirely normal for peers to have sexual thoughts about each other. But if you feel sexually attracted to children who are more than two years younger than you are, it may be a good idea to be aware of this.

If you have sexual thoughts about children

It is important to remember that our thoughts can come and go. Maybe right now you have sexual thoughts about a specific child, and maybe they are gone again tomorrow. If you are worried about your sexual thoughts about children, it is important that you listen to your concerns.

Notice the following things about your sexual thoughts about children:

  • How long have you had your sexual thoughts about children?
  • How often do you have these thoughts?
  • Have your thoughts evolved during the period you have had them?

If you find that your thoughts are uncontrollable and you experience difficult feelings about them, then you can seek help. Remember that your thoughts do not make you a bad person. They are just thoughts, and you can easily get help to deal with them.

Video: What are sexual thoughts about children, and what can you do if you have them?

See video with psychologist Kuno Sørensen about what it means to have sexual thoughts about children, and when you should be worried if you have those kind of thoughts.