Can I tell my doctor about my sexual thoughts about children?

Doctors are trained to have knowledge about your health and the health of others, and they can help you with your problems.

When you call your doctor for an appointment, you usually have to talk to a secretary first. You can just tell the secretary that you have some unpleasant thoughts that you would like to talk to the doctor about, you can read about what you can say to the doctor.

If you are older than age 15, the doctor isn’t allowed to tell anyone about your conversation—not even your parents. If you’re under 15, the doctor is allowed to tell your parents about your conversation.

Are you nervous about what will happen and how your doctor will react if you tell them that you have sexual thoughts about children?

If you are concerned about contacting your doctor, keep in mind that they have a duty of confidentiality and that having sexual thoughts about children is not illegal. We have talked to a doctor about what happens when you talk about your sexual thoughts about children.

Video: How can a doctor help you?

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