Is there a letter I can give to my doctor or another professional?

If you think it’s difficult to tell someone about your sexual thoughts about children, you can consider handing the letter below to a professional.

The letter is written as if it is to a doctor or a psychologist, but it can also be addressed to someone else, such as a teacher or clergy. Sharing your worries with an adult can provide a sense of relief, and it’s important not to carry your thoughts alone. It’s best to talk to an adult you trust. For some. It’s best to talk to a professional, such as a doctor or psychologist. For others, it may be their parents. See also: Is there a letter I can give to my parents?

Here, you can see a draft for a letter you can give to a professional, if you find it too difficult to say out loud.

VIDEO: How can a doctor help you?

See video with doctor and professor Christian Graugaard about how a doctor can help you if you have sexual thoughts about children.

Dear doctor or psychologist,

Dear Professional,

This letter is for you. You are receiving it because a child or young person wants to tell you something that is difficult to say.

The child or young person might be worried about how you will react or think. The best thing you can do is to take the time to read this letter and afterwards take a moment to collect yourself if you need to.

The child or young person has found this letter on the CTRL website, which is run by Save the Children. CTRL is an information site for young people who are concerned about their sexual thoughts about children.

At Save the Children, we know that some young people who experience sexual thoughts about children find it very difficult to tell others. They may be worried whether their doctor or psychologist will understand. They have doubts about whether professionals can help them, whether something will be written in their medical record, and whether the doctor or psychologist will pass it on to anyone. The young person needs you to answer these questions.

Research shows that, fortunately, far from all young people with sexual thoughts about children act on them. The person who gave you this letter does not want to harm children and they want help. They need you to show kindness and sympathy with their very difficult situation. The young person needs you to talk to them about their problems. They might also need your help with a referral to the Sexology Clinic or another treatment center so that they can receive treatment. Here you can find a list of available help options.

Save the Children has extensive knowledge about young people who have sexual thoughts about children. You can find more information about being young and having sexual thoughts about children at the site Here, you can also find information on how children and young people can get the help they deserve.

Best Regards,

CTRL/Red Barnet

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