Is there any good advice for why I should tell others?

You feel less alone
When you tell others about your problems, you feel less lonely. Other people can also help you to get the right support so that you can solve your problems.

It provides relief
When you’re alone with your problems, they often grow bigger, and you can have more negative thoughts. At some point, the situation may seem unmanageable and unsolvable. Sharing your problems usually helps make things feel easier. The sooner you gather the courage to do so, the better. But remember that it is never too late to share with others.

New opportunities open up
When you don’t talk with others about your problems, it can be difficult to come up with thoughts that can help you towards a solution. When you talk to adults, they may introduce you to new opportunities and ideas about how to figure things out.

You have the right to be helped
You have to remember that you have rights - you’re entitled to things. For example, you have the right to education to be able to find answers to your questions about sex, your body, and your health in general. You also have the right to get help with things related to health, sexuality, and physical and psychological problems.

Everyone needs help once in a while
Some may see asking for help as a sign of weakness. That’s wrong. Everyone needs help with their problems once in a while. Even superheroes need a sidekick - just think of Batman and Robin.

If you feel an urge to tell others so that they can help you, but you still find it difficult, then you can read about how you can find the courage to do it.