How do I find the courage to tell others about my problems and thoughts?

It’s easy to get confused and stressed when thinking about how to talk to others about your problems. It is sometimes helpful to write your thoughts down if you have difficulty talking with others.

Our thoughts come to us quickly - and suddenly a thought comes to mind. And then it can become difficult to think things through. When writing, you can only write one thought at a time. That can help create peace of mind. It can also help you better understand your thoughts and feelings - even if they are not nice. It can also be a great way to practice talking about the thoughts that you struggle to tell others about. Writing down your thoughts sometimes feels like talking to another person. That way, you can give yourself the courage to say it to others in real life.

It isn’t your fault that you have these thoughts
You haven’t asked to have the thoughts and feelings you have. You have to keep this in mind if you are nervous about opening up and about your parents getting mad at you. You are not a bad person because you have the feelings and thoughts that you do. You will not be punished for feeling this way. On the contrary, you are entitled to assistance. You deserve a good life in which you don’t have to be afraid of being a danger to yourself or others.

Get more knowledge
It’s all right if you are in doubt about what to say or who to talk to. You can read more about what to focus on before sharing your thoughts with others.

Video: What can you do if you find it hard to tell others about your probelms and thoughts?

See video with psychologist Kuno Sørensen who talks about what you can do if you find it hard to tell others that you have sexual thoughts about children.

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